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What is integrated care?

The Greater Manchester integrated care partnership is helping organisations work better together with people and communities.

We want people across all our boroughs to stay well, whatever their age, and whatever issues or conditions they might be managing. We’re bringing together all the different organisations that support people’s health and social care, so that services can join up and act faster when people need support.

Integrated care means starting with the person, understanding they’ll have different needs as they move through life, and connecting them with the right care.

Greater Manchester Borough Map

Our plans

Health services in Greater Manchester are now more connected – down to neighbourhood level. Professionals are working together across sectors, sharing skills and knowledge as if they were one organisation to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of the 2.8 million people living here.

Our top priorities, to build on success and make a difference to people’s lives, are far-reaching. Together, we’ll tackle the causes of inequality, prevent poor health and improve life chances.

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How it works

Integrated care allows each local area to join up their services in the way that’s best for their local communities, while the partnership brings everyone together to share the overarching decisions, making sure care is fair across the whole region.

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Meet our people

Our team of leaders are a mix of health and social care professionals, and bring a range of skills and experience from all over Greater Manchester.

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Meet our partners

We’re working in collaboration for more effective health services across our ten boroughs: from charities, patients and community groups to NHS GPs and hospitals, councils, fire and police services.

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