A stack of different colours arrows containing the words get to know where to go. It is next to a marketing graphic from the get to know where to go campaign which has acartoon of a person with puss leaking from their ear and a crying baby.

If you fall ill, would you know where to go for help and advice?

Since we became the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership, we’ve been able to launch a number of marketing campaigns right across the city-region raising awareness of how people can take care of their own health and wellbeing.

One of our most successful campaigns as the partnership has been Get to Know Where to Go, which aims to educate people on how to look after themselves when they fall ill or get injured and go to the right place for advice and treatment.

The campaign initially launched in the winter with adverts on billboards, trams and buses; social media; digital, radio and print advertising advising people how and when to contact NHS 111, their pharmacy, GP, dentist or when to go to A&E. Within weeks of the campaign launch and during the height of the winter season, people using NHS 111 online increased nationally by 10%, but in Greater Manchester it was more than double the increase at 21%.

Due to its success of the campaign, it has now been adapted to become an all-year campaign focusing on different parts of the health care system at different times of the year. In March, we were able to use the campaign to promote the Greater Manchester Urgent Eye Care Service, which is open to anyone registered with a Greater Manchester GP practice to deliver quick community-based assessments and treatment from local optician and can avoid a GP visit or attending A&E. Within two months, the number of page views to the primary eyecare website increased more than 80% compared to the same time period the previous year.

Our next focus for Get to Know Where to Go is staying healthy during summer; staying safe in the sun, making informed decisions regarding alcohol consumption, ordering repeat prescriptions ahead of planned holidays, and knowing how to access urgent care services when needed.

So keep your eyes peeled and let us help you know where to go!

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