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Expert View

A laptop screen open showing someone looking at the GM recruitment and retention toolkit
Health and social care organisations across Greater Manchester are urged to check out the new recruitment and retention toolkit.
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Health News

Jane Pilkington, Director of Public Health sat on the stage at the University of Manchester event alongside Professor Chris Whitty.
Jane Pilkington our Director of Population Health joined Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for an event focusing on health inequalities.
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Case study

In this blog, Caroline Finch, Programme Manager for the Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme talks about the work happening in Greater Manchester to increase the number of people from ethnic minority backgrounds working in maternity and neonatal services to ensure the workforce is representative of our population.
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Expert View

Up to 1,238 Greater Manchester babies are born each year with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), as a result of exposure to alcohol during pregnancy.
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Expert View

Bryony Sherry
The effects of lockdown on young people's health and wellbeing have been significant. My role is to support the students who are facing difficulties in a place they are comfortable.
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Expert View

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With the one-year anniversary of the national “Delivering a net zero NHS” report and now COP26 there is quite rightly increased focus on the NHS’ impact on the environment.
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