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CHC digital referral portal

Information for Professionals

A new Continuing Health Care digital referral portal is now live in the Stockport, Tameside, Bolton, Manchester, Oldham and Trafford localities within Greater Manchester ICS.

It is NOT currently being used in Salford, Bury, Heywood Middleton and Rochdale, or Wigan.

The new portal should make it easier and simpler for you as professionals to make a referral to your local CHC team.

Professionals who need to make CHC referrals in the live localities should have been offered training about the new tool. To supplement training, the videos and Frequently Asked Questions below have been made available. Please click on the buttons below to access the portal, user guide and training videos.

Go to the portal to make a referral Read the user guide

Tutorial videos

There are a number of webinar tutorial videos that you might find useful to help you use the system.

Please note that you will be asked for your name and email address to access to videos.  The videos are not subtitled at this time but some have transcripts available.  If you need the information in a different format to access it, please contact the team using the details at the bottom of the page.

How to use the portal

Find out more about how the portal works and how you can use it.

How to use the portal TRANSCRIPT: How to use the portal

How to register

Find out more about how to register on the portal or reset your password.

How to register and reset your password

How to use the checklist

Find out more about how to use the checklist on the portal.

Portal Checklist tutorial (video)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of the most commonly asked questions we received as we have been rolling out the tool.  If you have any further questions about how to use the tool that aren’t answered here, please contact the team on the details below.

You can access the CHC Digital Referral Portal via the link below:

Yes, you can self-register for an account using the link below:

Once you have registered for an account you will receive confirmation of your registration and you will be able to access and use the system immediately.

No, all registrations for the portal must be requested using a direct professional email address ending, or If you do not have any of these, please contact the CHC team or the Project mailbox (links above) for more information.

Yes, you can submit referrals to multiple localities. You will need to state which localities you will require access to when you complete the registration form.

No, the CHC Digital Referral Portal is for noted localities only. Should your checklist be for another locality you will need to submit this via their own channels.

All active referrals will be saved on the portal and depending on the completeness of the referral will be found in either the “In Progress” or “Completed” folders.

“In Progress” – Here you will find all referrals which have been started and saved but are yet to be fully completed.

“Completed” – Here you will find all referrals which are fully completed, signed and documents have been uploaded but you have yet to submit.

A screenshot of the DRAR platform showing the number of fast track and checklist referrals in progress and completed

Please note – All referrals showing within the “In Progress” and “Completed” folders have NOT yet been submitted.

Once you have logged into the portal you can locate all submitted referrals within the referrals tab, located on the top tool bar. Within this section you are able to download a PDF version of your submitted referral.

A screenshot showing the progress of an individual referral.

There are a small number of reasons the system may be stopping your checklist from being completed:

  • Internet connectivity – Check you are still connected to the internet.
  • Missing information – You are unable to submit an incomplete checklist and will be prompted to complete all missing information before submission. A validation warning will appear advising you of the information which is missing to allow you to complete and submit the checklist.

If you are still having problems submitting your checklist, please contact your local CHC team on the details below for assistance with your query.

Yes, at any point during the completion of your referral you can download a PDF version of your referral.

A screenshot of three buttons showing "export to PDF", "save" and "submit"

Once your referral has been fully submitted you can also download your fully completed version from your referrals tab by selecting the webform ID hyperlink.

A screenshot showing the details of a referral with a highlighted link under the webform name

Yes, once you have downloaded your PDF version of your referral you can upload and save this to your own local files and content management systems.

No, you can only see the referrals you submit as it is user specific.

At this stage your referral would be rejected and returned for review if initially information regarding the individual was incorrect, such as name, DOB and NHS Number. In line with current processes there is a 7-day period for the review and re-submission to take place.

Yes, to ensure the portal runs efficiently and effectively we recommend you DO NOT use Internet Explorer. All other internet platforms are compatible and are recommended for use including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Yes, just before submitting your referral there is an option to upload any further information and documents. You will also find an open comments section there to add any further information required for the referral.

A screenshot of the referral with the "Other documents" option highlighted. There is a button to choose files.

Yes, the CHC Digital Portal is an online system and can be accessed via multiple devices. However, please bear in mind the screen size on smaller devices.

If you need to raise a query, you can contact your local CHC team on the details below to receive assistance.

Still got a query?

  • If you have a generic IT query, please contact your IT service desk as usual.
  • If you have a CHC patient query or a query about the portal, please contact your local CHC team (click the button below to see local contact team contact details).
Information and contact details for local CHC teams
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