Colorful speech bubbles which say "have your say". Adult ADHD services.

Residents are urged to have their say on the review of adult ADHD services in Greater Manchester.

NHS Greater Manchester is reviewing adult ADHD services across Greater Manchester with residents being urged to get involved and “have your say”.

This review of adult ADHD services is taking place because services supporting adults through diagnosis for ADHD have long waiting lists, approximately 15,000 people. The cost of running ADHD services is another reason why they need to be reviewed.

You can “have your say” between now and 24th March 2024, with the survey asking about your experiences, thoughts, and feeling on ADHD and how you think they could work in the future.

For more information about the review and to “have your say” visit our Adult ADHD review page.

More information about ADHD can be found on NHS England’s website.

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