A laptop screen open showing someone looking at the GM recruitment and retention toolkit

Health and social care organisations across Greater Manchester are urged to check out the new recruitment and retention toolkit.

The Greater Manchester Recruitment and Retention Toolkit is now available to all health and social care staff that are involved recruitment and retention processes for their organisation.

What’s included in the toolkit?

The toolkit brings together information to support organisations to tackle recruitment and retention challenges that are leading to high staff turnover rates and difficulties filling key vacancies. Including:

  • Downloadable templates, guides and resources.
  • Local and nationwide videos and case studies as examples of best practice initiatives that support the improvements of recruitment and retention rates.
  • Key takeaway tips on each section with key challenges and benefits aimed to provide possible solutions to commonly shared issues.
  • Easy search tool to find information quickly when looking for a specific query around recruitment and retention.

Who can use the toolkit and what are the benefits?

The toolkit is aimed at colleagues working in health and care in Greater Manchester, who are responsible for implementing or improving recruitment practices and/or the overall experience of the workforce and retaining their staff.

The toolkit was established after we heard feedback from the system that there is a lot of great work happening locally which provided a need for a central space for best practice and learning to be shared and avoid duplication of effort. We want to create a platform for people to be able to quickly find potential solutions to problems and help highlight key challenges where further development is still needed around recruitment & retention.

How do I access the toolkit?

The toolkit can be found on the Greater Manchester Access website.

Where can I learn more about the toolkit?

If you would like to see a demo of the toolkit, see tips/tricks of the site and how to use it more effectively, come to our bitesize summit session taking place on 19th March 2024.

For any further information or queries regarding the toolkit please contact GM.Workforce@nhs.net

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