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Greater Manchester Individual Funding Request (GM IFR) Service

The NHS belongs to us all.

It exists to:

  •  Improve our health and well-being
  •  Support us to keep mentally and physically well
  •  Help us get better when we are ill
  •  When we cannot fully recover to stay as well as we can throughout our lifetime

To make sure that the NHS can provide the best care for the maximum number of people it is vital that every penny is spent wisely. This means only funding treatments that have been demonstrated to work and where there is also a high likelihood of benefit for as many people as possible and a low likelihood of harm. We always have to bear in mind that carrying out treatment that is not of great health benefit uses up resources that could be spent on really making a difference elsewhere.

About the GM IFR service

The Greater Manchester (GM) Individual Funding Request (IFR) Service supports NHS organisations across Greater Manchester to ensure that people across the whole of Greater Manchester are able to access treatments in a fair and equitable manner.

The GM IFR Service supports this by working with clinical representatives across Greater Manchester to develop clinical policy statements that:

  • Incorporate the most up-to-date clinical evidence so that funding is prioritised for treatments that are proven to have clinical benefits for patients.
  •  Stop variation in access to NHS funded services across Greater Manchester (sometimes called the ‘postcode lottery’ in the media) and allow fair and equitable treatment for all local patients.
  •  Ensure access to NHS funded treatment is equal and fair, whilst considering the needs of the overall population and evidence of clinical and cost effectiveness.

The GM IFR Service also manages the funding approval process when a clinician on behalf of a patient wishes to request funding for a treatment which is not routinely available on the NHS. The clinician must believe that the patient’s healthcare need may be exceptional which makes the treatment more effective for the individual in question, these are known as Individual Funding Requests (IFRs).

Please see the GM IFR Operational Policy for further details.

Funding Request Process

How does the Individual Funding Request (IFR) process work in practice?

The Greater Manchester (GM) clinical policy statements represent treatments that are only available if specific criteria are met or where they are only available in exceptional healthcare needs.

Each clinical policy statement:

  •  Outlines the specific criteria to be met
  •  Contains advice and guidance for clinicians and commissioners

IFR Form Links:

Treatments and Conditions Funded by NHS England

There are a number of treatments and conditions which are funded directly by NHS England, which means that local commissioners in England are not responsible for funding the care for patients related to that particular treatment or condition. Further information about the treatments and conditions funded by NHS England can be found on their website.

Seeking Medical Treatment Abroad

The UK has left the EU and access to treatment in Europe has changed. Information about going abroad for medical treatment can be found here.


Individual Funding Request Team for Greater Manchester

IFR process or funding applications: Tel: 0161 290 4901 / Email:

GM policy development team: Tel: 0161 290 4937/4938 / Email:

For complaints, Freedom of Information Requests (FOI) and Subject Access Requests (SAR). See the contact details for NHS Greater Manchester and the Local Area Feedback and Complaints Teams.

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