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NHS Greater Manchester tips on staying safe during the Euros.

Euro 2024 is well underway, which hopefully means a lot of celebrations for football fans.

So NHS Greater Manchester has provided some easy and simple tips so you know where to go and what to do to enjoy the rest of the tournament without scoring an own goal.

Give sunburn the boot

If the football gods are looking down on us and there’s a heatwave, it’s important to take extra care if you’re watching the matches outside in your back yard or pub garden because there are health risks!

Limit your time in the heat if you can, keep re-applying sun cream throughout the day, stay in the shade especially between 11am and 3pm, wear a hat and drink plenty of water to help prevent burning and heatstroke.

Visit the NHS website for more advice on how to cope in warm weather.

Hand the red card to dangerous drinking

Many footie fans will be indulging in some alcoholic drinks, but don’t let overdoing it ruin the match – know your limit!

Make sure you last the whole game by having plenty to eat and alternating alcohol with water or even alcohol-free alternatives. Don’t forget that alcohol dulls your instinct and can lead to people sometimes making unsafe decisions, which in turn can make them vulnerable and/or lead to unwanted situations.

Ensure you keep a close eye on yours and your friends’ drinks – don’t leave them unattended at any point and be wary of accepting drinks from strangers to reduce the risk of being spiked. Remember, drink spiking does not just apply to alcoholic drinks. When out in Manchester, remember there are places to go and services you can talk to should anything go wrong,

Find out more at Good Night Out GM.

There’s No “I” In Team

Most important of all is to look after each other – if you or any of your friends feel unwell at any point because of sun or alcohol then get help!

If you need advice and assistance, you can visit your local pharmacy who can help with everything from buying paracetamol and ibuprofen to upset stomachs and much more or call 111.

Find out more about how pharmacies can help.

Have A Game Plan In Place

If you’re heading out and about to watch any of the games then make sure you plan in advance how you’re getting so you’re not making decisions after a few beers. Don’t walk near water after drinking alcohol or when it’s dark because it’s very easy to end up in trouble in the water. And it goes without saying don’t drive and drive – get public transport, order a taxi or have a designated sober driver.


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