Diabetes and Ramadan - free online courses.

MyWay Digital Health are offering a free course to learn all about managing diabetes during Ramadan.

Do you have diabetes and plan to fast during Ramadan this year?  

Are you a healthcare professional who may need to assess or support someone with diabetes during Ramadan?

MyWay Digital Health, in partnership with the Diabetes and Ramadan International Alliance, has developed a free online course to help you.

The first course, for people living with diabetes, is designed for people with type 2 or type 1 diabetes who wish to fast during Ramadan. It will help you stay healthy and to safely manage your diabetes during this time.

The second course, for healthcare professionals, will help you learn what the health risks are, what makes someone high-risk, and the principles of medication adjustment to help avoid fasting-associated diabetes complications.

Both courses, open now, are available in English, Arabic and Malay ad will remain open throughout the whole of Ramadan.

For more information and sign up visit the MyWay Digital Health website.

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