Is your child struggling in the lead up to exams? Get to know where to go.

As exam pressures rise, it's important to understand how you can help protect your wellbeing. For free online support, read more.

With the exam season approaching, it’s normal for young people to feel worried and the anxiety can also affect parents and carers too. Free, safe and anonymous online support is available from Kooth for Greater Manchester students aged 11-18.

Amy contacted Kooth due to feeling the pressure of getting good exam grades, it was impacting her sleep and she was experiencing anxiety symptoms. Through the live chat, Amy was able to talk through her concerns around her exam stress and get useful resources and coping strategies.

Useful tips and advice can also be found on the NHS website, it has a page dedicated to helping your child cope with exam pressure with suggestions for ways to ease the stress. These include making sure your child has somewhere comfortable to study, having a balanced diet and getting enough sleep. Help your child beat exam stress.

Don’t forget it’s also exam time for universities and colleges. Qwell offers free, online mental wellbeing support for those over 18.

Dr Manisha Kumar, Chief Medical Officer for NHS Greater Manchester said: “If either yourself as parent or your child is finding the upcoming exam period overwhelming, help is available. Whether it’s to help build resilience and stay mentally healthy when things are feeling challenging, to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, or to find out how best to support your child, lots of help and advice can be found on the NHS website or online support via Kooth.”

Find support or chat to a mental health professional. Visit or, or search

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