Picture of a nurse getting the Covid vaccine
Nurse, Jacqui Burrow has her Covid vaccine. Photo credit: Joel Goodman.

Greater Manchester’s Covid-19 vaccination programme is celebrating this week with the combined total of Covid-19 vaccine doses now hitting six million.

Greater Manchester’s Covid-19 vaccination programme is celebrating this week, with the combined total of first, second, booster and spring booster doses given in the city-region hitting six million.

Across GP-led venues, pharmacies, hospital hubs and the Greater Manchester Vaccination Centre, vaccinators have met the impressive tally over the past 19 months:

  • First: 2,185,960
  • Second: 2,046,818
  • Booster:1,559,214
  • Spring booster: 209,146

And while the majority of adults in Greater Manchester are fully vaccinated, clinics still have plenty of takers for boosters – and some are still having their first or second jab. All are keen to maximise their protection against the worst effects of the virus which continues to spread.

An autumn Covid-19 vaccination programme for eligible people is being planned, with GPs and pharmacies stepping in to deliver millions more jabs.

Jane Pilkington, director of population health at NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care said:

“We’re delighted to have hit the 6million vaccinations mark in Greater Manchester. This is testament to an incredible and sustained effort from an army of staff and volunteers.

“Even after 19 months, we have hundreds of people booking or walking into our vaccine clinics every day. Some might be getting their first ever dose, we’ve got people coming in for spring boosters and we’ve got lots of families turning up together to get everyone up to date with their doses.

“With Covid-19 rates high at the moment, people are keen to get themselves and their families protected as much as possible. We want to remind people that if they or any family member is due a Covid-19 vaccine, there will be a clinic nearby ready to give the jab.”

Here’s a reminder of who’s eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine:

For children aged 5-15

A 1st dose of the vaccine is available for children from the day they turn 5, and a 2nd dose 12 weeks after their 1st.

Everyone aged 16 and over

People aged 16 and over are eligible for two doses of vaccine and a booster. The booster is available 3 months (91 days) after the 2nd dose

People aged 75 and over

Many older people have received a 4th dose, known as a ‘spring booster’. If you are eligible and have not yet received this vaccination, speak to your GP for further advice.

Special arrangements including booster doses are in place for children and adults with weakened immune systems.

Check local details of local walk-in sites using our service finder or at www.nhs.uk/grab-a-jab or book an appointment online at www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination.

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