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© Joel Goodman – 07973 332324 – all rights reserved. For NHS Internal Comms use . 11/01/2021. Manchester, UK. The first day of operation at the centre . The NHS has built a mass Coronavirus vaccination centre on tennis courts at the Etihad Campus in East Manchester . Photo credit : Joel Goodman

More than 7,000 older adult care home residents have had a Covid-19 vaccination in the few weeks of the spring campaign – over half of those eligible.

As of 2 May, roving teams of NHS staff had visited more than 60% of the care homes in the city-region, delivering life-saving protection to those most at risk of becoming seriously ill with the virus.

Around 243,000 people in Greater Manchester became eligible for the latest dose, as part of the current spring booster campaign, which began jabbing those in care homes, on 3 April.

Everyone else who is eligible, including people aged 75 and over and those with weakened immune systems, have been able to book an appointment on the National Booking Service or on the NHS App since 17 April.

You can check your eligibility for the spring Covid-19 vaccination here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/who-is-at-increased-risk-from-covid-19/

Latest data shows that Greater Manchester has delivered more than 60,000 spring doses, and NHS teams will continue to visit care homes and deliver vaccinations at dozens of sites, until the offer ends on 30 June 2023.

The NHS will this week send one million invitations nationally to people aged 75 and over, and those who received an invite at the start of the programme, people aged 85 and over, will receive a reminder to book their spring dose.

However, people who are eligible don’t have to wait to be invited, and can book an appointment today.

As well as the spring booster, the current evergreen offer of at least two Covid-19 vaccinations for everyone aged 5 and over, on or before 31 August 2022 will also end on 30 June 2023.

This means that any adult who has yet to have a first dose of the vaccine, who wants to also have the second dose before the offer ends, will need to have the initial vaccination by Friday 5 May, which will allow for the recommended interval between the doses.

Dr Helen Wall, Clinical Director for Population Health, NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, said: “It is testament to the hard work of NHS teams, partners and volunteers that more than half of eligible older adults living in care homes have got the best protection against becoming very ill with Covid-19, due to the spring booster dose. Their commitment to protecting our most vulnerable communities is outstanding.

“I would urge anyone who is eligible for the spring dose to come forward as soon as you can, to protect yourself and your loved ones.

“The final spring vaccination appointments, as well as the final evergreen appointments will be offered on 30 June, so if you’re yet to have a first, second or booster dose, book an appointment on the NHS App, the National Booking Service or find a walk-in centre, which is close and convenient to you, as soon as you can before the offer ends.”

She added: “There will be many of you who have had a vaccine previously because you have long-term health conditions like asthma or diabetes that make you clinically vulnerable. Hopefully, you will have had an autumn booster that will continue to you through the summer.

“This current vaccine boosts protection for those that are not just clinically vulnerable from illness but specifically whose immune system won’t have responded as strongly or maintained a necessary level of immunity for as long as others. This is referred to as being immunocompromised or immunosuppressed and can happen due to some specific medications or conditions that weaken your immune system.”

Those who are invited for a spring booster dose should ensure that their appointment is scheduled at least three months from their last dose. The last date to book a spring booster dose is 29 June, with the final spring vaccinations on the following day, 30 June.

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