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Salford Integrated Care Partnership is pleased to announce the launching of the Salford Innovation & Improvement Fund 2022-23 with a total fund value of £500,000

About the Salford Innovation & Improvement Fund 2022-23

Applications are sought for new Innovation trials and Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives which align to the following Salford Locality priorities for this years Salford Innovation and Improvement Fund:

  • Neighbourhood based care
    Initiatives focused on care delivered within communities. For example, primary care / PCNs, community services, district nursing, AHP/ pharmacy and dental etc. We have particular interest in projects supporting system recovery from covid, addressing backlogs and ‘hidden cases’ emerging after covid, improving PCN working and improving patient / service user access
  • Safer Salford Care Homes and Domiciliary Care
    Initiatives focused on quality and safety across the care sector, in particular addressing challenges such as: nutrition & hydration, medicines safety, falls, pressure ulcers, dementia, communication, quality of life
  • Workforce Transformation
    Initiatives focused on developing the workforce to support integrated health and care pathways. This may include for example new or blended roles, cross system working around a theme or challenging issue, system leadership, education/training and career pathways
  • Sexual Health
    Initiatives focused on improving access to contraception, improving education, awareness and uptake of contraceptives (especially long-acting methods), and addressing social and cultural barriers to using contraceptives.
  • Frailty and Ageing
    Initiatives addressing the challenges and outcomes of frailty, and supporting ageing well in Salford
  • Screening
    Improving uptake and awareness for all forms of health screening, e.g. cancer, health checks, lung checks etc
  • Tackling vaccine / immunisation hesitancy
    Initiatives to address known barriers and issues around hesitancy, ‘anti-vaccination’ beliefs and misinformation for any and all vaccines and immunisations.

Please note that the scale and scope of this year’s Salford Innovation & Improvement fund cannot support digital proposals which require significant software or systems investment.


There are different application forms for Innovation and Quality Improvement project proposals. This is in order that we can ask the right questions for each type of project; please do not submit your proposal in both categories. To determine which category your project proposal fits within, please refer to the definitions below:

  • Innovation projects follow the definition used by our Innovation Fund since its inception in 2013, that is: structured trials and evaluations of ideas, products or services that are either new to the NHS or applied in a way that is new to the NHS, and have the potential to make a big difference to the quality of health and care of the people of Salford. Innovation projects are typically 12 months in duration.
  • Quality Improvement (QI) projects do not require a major new innovation to be at the core of their proposal, but rather are focused on using QI methodologies to test smaller changes at a ground level to deliver improvements to existing services, processes and pathways. As such, only current Salford providers may submit proposals in this category. QI projects may be 3, 6 or 12 months in duration.

If you are unclear which category you should apply for, please contact the Innovation, Research and QI team at for further advice.

Please follow the relevant Application Guidance document when completing your application, which details the information we are looking for in each question.

Application Assessment and Scoring

An initial round of shortlisting will take place shortly after the application deadline. This will focus on suitability and completeness of the bids, and their relevance to the strategic themes.

Those shortlisted will be invited to a digital “Marketplace” event where you will have an opportunity to present your idea to commissioners, strategy group members, patients and wider stakeholders. To maintain safety, this years marketplace will take place digitally, and shortlisted applicants will be asked to submit additional information at this stage, and invited to make a short 3-5 minute video pitch to introduce themselves and their idea/product which stakeholders can review online along with their bids.

Those that are shortlisted following the Marketplace Event will be invited to present their proposals to an Innovation Fund Panel. This panel provides an independent and final review of all bids and will make the funding decisions.  Please note that the decision of this panel is final and there are no mechanisms for appeal.

Further Information

Please note funding from the Salford Innovation & Improvement Fund will only be paid to organisations, not to individuals. All awards will be subject to due diligence and successful completion of a Data Protection Impact Assessment and Equality Impact Assessment where necessary (determined via screener).

Please note that successful projects will need to set a project initiation date within 8 weeks of the funding decision,  and be delivered within a maximum 12-month timescale.

Full criteria and exclusions can be found in the Terms and Conditions document in the downloads below.

Apply Now

The Salford Innovation & Improvement Fund is open for applications now for 7 weeks, and will close at 5pm on 31st August 2022

Applications should be made via the relevant application form below and submitted to




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