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Elective hub

Welcome to the Greater Manchester elective care page.

Elective care is planned in advance. It involves the pathway from the patient being referred, through to having any tests/diagnostics and treatment if necessary. The aim is for patients to see the right person, in the right place, with care delivered in the most efficient way.

We are working together with health and social care partners across Greater Manchester to transform elective care services and to tackle the waiting list backlogs that have built up during the pandemic. Together we are looking at how to make it easier and quicker for people to get the care they need.

Here you will find the latest information about our elective care programme along with resources and information about how services are transforming.

Give us your feedback

We would love to hear about your experiences of waiting for or accessing planned hospital care. Our survey is anonymous and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Click here to give your feedback.

Stakeholder briefings

We produce regular briefings to keep stakeholders up to date with our progress to recover and transform elective care services in the region.

Supporting people waiting for elective care

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant some operations and procedures have been postponed, leading to understandable concerns for those waiting.

The NHS is working to get people seen as quickly as possible.

We have created a resource to support patients, carers and families across Greater Manchester called While You Wait. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and information on how to look after physical and mental wellbeing.

Click here to visit While You Wait

We’ve created a leaflet to give people information and advice while they wait. Available in different formats and languages.

View PDF

Transforming Elective Care

Find out about the work being done across Greater Manchester to transform and recover elective care services.

There are six areas in our GM Elective Care Recovery and Reform Strategy:

1. Integrated elective care
Looking at how we can improve referral processes and what we can do to better support people to prevent or manage conditions.

2. Productivity and efficiency
Ensuring we are using our existing resources as efficiently as possible, including our theatres, our beds and our staff.

3. Utilising the independent sector
Working in partnership with local independent sector providers, who provide NHS services, to offer people treatment as quickly as possible.

4. Waiting list management
Reviewing how we manage our waiting lists, prioritise patients and provide support to people while they wait whilst ensuring a focus on health inequalities.

5. Surgical hubs
Exploring how we can create and protect additional capacity in our existing hospitals to treat more people.

6. Children’s elective recovery
Focusing on how we tackle waiting list backlogs in children’s surgery and how we support children and young people.

Health inequalities

Health inequalities are avoidable and unfair differences in health status between groups of people or communities. Reducing health inequalities through improved access, experience and outcomes is a long-standing national policy objective.

Based on data available to us in Greater Manchester there is disparity of access to elective care for people who are living in the areas of highest deprivation and for some ethnic minority groups.

Addressing health inequalities will be key to us successfully delivering our elective care programme. We are aware that a number of areas within our programme may have different impacts on different people. A key part of our approach is to ensure that in developing the programme, we meet the needs of people from the nine protected characteristic groups set out in the Equality Act of 2010 and that we remove barriers to access. We also consider include socio economic circumstances when completing our assessments as we recognise the barriers negative impact of poverty on access to health and other services.

To support delivery of our Public Sector Equality Duty, we have undertaken a number of Equality Impact Assessments that are published below. We want to be open and transparent about our work and to give people a chance to tell us if they think we have missed anything important or if they have insight that will add to our understanding of health inequalities. It should be noted that the Equality Impact Assessments are based on what we know at the time of completion so will be reviewed and updated at regular intervals.

If you do have any comments about any of our Equality Impact Assessments please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team via

Integrated elective care – Equality Impact Assessment

Productivity and efficiency – Equality Impact Assessment

Utilising the independent sector – Equality Impact Assessment

Surgical hubs – Equality Impact Assessment

Children’s elective recovery – Equality Impact Assessment

While You Wait website – Equality Impact Assessment

Risk Stratification pilot – Equality Impact Assessment

Sharing ideas, working together

Involved in transformation work?

Through the Future NHS Collaboration Platform, there’s also a chance to look beyond what we’re doing here in Greater Manchester.

On the platform, you’ll be able to find new ideas, get feedback on projects and share information across the country’s wider NHS community. It’s all part of working together more efficiently as we make big changes to our health and care services.

Access to the platform is by invitation from NHS England: Already registered?

Access the platform here

To request an invite to register, email us below.

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