A group of friends outside, enjoying each other’s company. The text reads. Stress Less. Making small changes to #StressLess will have a big impact on your health over time.

Why making small changes can have a big impact on our stress levels

This April, for Stress Awareness Month, we are excited to launch the first of our “Make Monday Matter” series.

This year’s theme is “little by little” where you can think about making a small change at the start of the week to help you stress less. Small changes that benefit your health and wellbeing can have a big impact on you over time.

Stress is our body’s reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure. When we are stressed, our body releases a hormone called adrenaline, which usually gives us a boost or motivates us to act quickly. Too much stress can have a negative impact on our body and mind.

Visit our “stress less” page for more information about stress, top tips to manage your stress and further information about services and support available across Greater Manchester.

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Keep well, stress less

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