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Clinical Negligence Scheme for trusts

Obstetric incidents can be catastrophic and life-changing, with related claims representing the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts’ (CNST) biggest area of spend. The Maternity Incentive Scheme (NHS Resolution) supports the delivery of safer maternity care through an incentive element to maternity provider contributions to the CNST. You can read more about this here.

There are 10 safety actions for trusts to meet and they must declare compliance to NHS Resolution on a yearly basis. The Local Maternity and Neonatal System (LMNS) supports maternity providers and has oversight of the compliance returns, an in turn gives assurance to the Greater Manchester Integrated Care System.

NHS Resolution published the ‘Maternity Incentive Scheme – year 4’ back in October 2022. You can read the full conditions of the scheme here.

  1. Are you using the National Perinatal Mortality Review Tool to review perinatal deaths to the required standard?
  2. Are you submitting data to the Maternity Services Data Set to the required standard?
  3. Can you demonstrate that you have transitional care services in place to minimise separation of mothers and their babies and to support the recommendations made in the Avoiding Term Admissions into Neonatal Units Programme?
  4. Can you demonstrate an effective system of clinical workforce planning to the required standard?
  5. Can you demonstrate an effective system of midwifery workforce planning to the required standard?
  6. Can you demonstrate compliance with all five elements of the Saving Babies’ Lives care bundle version two?
  7. Can you demonstrate that you have a mechanism for gathering service user feedback, and that you work with service users through your Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) to coproduce local maternity services?
  8. Can you evidence that a local training plan is in place to ensure that all six core modules of the Core Competency Framework will be included in your unit training programme over the next 3 years, starting from the launch of Maternity Incentive Scheme year 4? In addition, can you evidence that at least 90% of each relevant maternity unit staff group has attended an ‘in house’, one-day, multi-professional training day which includes a selection of maternity emergencies, antenatal and intrapartum fetal surveillance and newborn life support, starting from the launch of Maternity Incentive Scheme year 4?
  9. Can you demonstrate that there are robust processes in place to provide assurance to the Board on maternity and neonatal safety and quality issues?
  10. Have you reported 100% of qualifying cases to Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) and to NHS Resolution’s Early Notification (EN) Scheme from 1 April 2021 to 5 December 2022?
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