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Oldham ICP
The Spindles
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Key people

Mike Barker is in a grey suit jacket and a black polo shirt, with dark glasses. He is stood in front of an Oldham Cares pull up banner.

Place-based Lead
Mike Barker - Executive Director at Oldham Council

About us

Oldham has its roots in the industrial-revolution era cotton industry. Though only five miles from Manchester City Centre, almost a quarter of the borough is located in the Peak District National Park. No household in the borough is more than two miles away from open countryside.

An estimated 237,628 people live here, and that’s projected to increase to 261,018 by 2041. A high proportion of residents are under 16 now, but the number of people over 65 is set to grow by 30% by 2041, which is expected to impact on adult social care and healthcare provision.

Oldham Integrated Care Partnership is working to improve health and wellbeing in the borough, where high levels of deprivation affect residents’ health outcomes and life expectancy. A priority is to give every child in the borough the best start in life; this includes providing opportunities to improve healthy eating and physical activity, making the most of the borough’s countryside to encourage healthier living for a better future.

What's happening in my borough


The hand of someone sat at a desk writing a paper.
On 17th July 2024, the NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board (ICB) will formally accept undertakings agreed with NHS England.
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Healthy Living

Pregnant belly with hands making a love heart on top.
The number of women in Greater Manchester smoking during pregnancy has fallen for the sixth consecutive year.
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Health Advice

Visual contains someones hand touching pampas grass.
Top tips and advice on a common allergy that millions suffer from, hay fever.
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