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Map of Rochdale

Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale


Middleton and Rochdale Integrated Care Partnership,
PO Box 100,
Rochdale, OL16 9NP


01706 664170

Key people

Steve Rumblelow is wearing dark rimmed glasses with a dark blue suit jacket and tie and a pale blue shirt. He is in front of a window.

Place-based lead
Steve Rumblelow, Chief Executive of Rochdale Borough Council

About us

Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Integrated Care Partnership serves approximately 242,218 people, including in the Pennine villages of Littleborough, Newhey and Milnrow. The population is relatively young, and is diverse, with over 150 different ethnic groups. But our communities experience high levels of deprivation, and the proportion of residents aged 65 or over is growing.

We’re transforming our services; supporting people in their homes rather than allowing unnecessary admissions to hospital, increasing the number of people we see and support at Rochdale Infirmary, and working together to get people home with care and support as quickly as possible. Our integrated health and care teams, working with primary care services, are going from strength to strength, alongside voluntary, housing and all age services.

Our Local Care Organisation (LCO), One Rochdale Health and Care, steers integrated health and care services for our residents. It’s made up of the key local providers across acute, community, mental health, primary care, adult social care and voluntary sectors, along with public health expertise. We’re keen to listen to our communities and work with them to reduce the health inequalities across Rochdale.

What's happening in my borough


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Healthy Living

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Health Advice

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