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NHS GM Integrated Care (Stockport Locality)
1st Floor, Stopford House


0161 426 9900 and follow the options available

Key people

Place-based Lead
Michael Cullen - Chief Executive at Stockport Council

About us

Stockport is a vibrant borough in the south-east of Greater Manchester, with a wide range of communities, unique neighbourhoods, local villages and district centres. Stockport borders Manchester and Tameside but also Cheshire, North Derbyshire and the Peak District, sharing wide open countryside and farmland.

Around 291,775 people live in the borough, which is one of the healthiest places to live in the North West. It is a population that is generally older than the rest of Greater Manchester and that ageing population continues to grow.

Stockport is one of the most polarised boroughs in the country, with some of the most affluent and some of the most deprived local areas, generating significant inequalities among communities. Work is underway to provide help and support to our local residents to that they can stay well.

Local health and care services have been brought together so they can work in a more joined up way. The One Stockport Health and Care Board is made up of senior representatives from health and care working closely with partners to create the best outcomes for the people of Stockport.

Click here to find out more about the members of the One Stockport Health and Care Board.

There are currently around 10,000 people working for the partner organisations to provide health and social care services in Stockport. That is in addition to those working in private care providers and care homes, the thousands of volunteers working in Stockport’s voluntary and community sector as well as Stockport’s unpaid carers, all who make a vital contribution to our system.

What's happening in my borough


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On 17th July 2024, the NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board (ICB) will formally accept undertakings agreed with NHS England.
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Healthy Living

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The number of women in Greater Manchester smoking during pregnancy has fallen for the sixth consecutive year.
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Health Advice

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Top tips and advice on a common allergy that millions suffer from, hay fever.
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