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Reports from NHS Greater Manchester

It is important that the NHS Greater Manchester share information and be open and transparent.  Here you can find reports like annual reports and monthly spending reports.

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LeDeR Annual Reports 2022 – 2023

Learning from lives and deaths – people with a learning disability and autistic people (LeDeR) is an NHS England (NHSE) service improvement programme.  Its purpose, to improve the quality of health and social care for people with a learning disability by requiring a review of the care received by a person after their death.  The Annual Report sets out what we done and learnt in 2022-2023.

Previous years reports:

NHS Greater Manchester is dedicated to joining up health and social care to benefit and support people living in Greater Manchester.

Each of our ten boroughs has to create a Market Position Statement (MPS) to ensure that there are different social care services and support available to meet local need and help people live well.

The document reviewed yearly details any changing social care needs of the population, local demand and supply of appropriate care, and financial context such as spending on different types of care.

Important information about local populations is included in the MPS to help make sure that people get the right support and to guide providers in their business planning and development activities.

It is important that we work together, as one whole system, to improve the services boroughs and health partners’ commission (buy). We have developed a series of tools to support local areas in developing their MPS.

Those looking to provide care should use information in the MPS to support any applications as well as undertaking their own research.

Information included in the MPS includes activity, finance and projections; with all data showing below the words:




Each year we publish a Public Sector Equality Duty Report that set out how NHS GM will pay due regard to our equality duties.

What is an independent investigation?

NHS England is responsible for commissioning independent investigations into the care and treatment of people who have used NHS mental health services, where there has been a homicide committed by a patient or where the patient died. These investigations may sometimes be referred to as mental health homicide reviews and are carried out separately from any police, legal and Coroner’s proceedings.

All providers of NHS funded services are required to be open and transparent with families and patients when things go wrong. To improve patient safety, it is essential to learn from serious incidents.

Why do independent investigations take place?

The purpose of an independent investigation is to:

  •  Review the care and treatment received by an individual to find out what happened and what if anything went wrong with a person’s care
  • Audit the standard of care provided to an individual
  • Make recommendations to improve care
  • Improve patient and public safety
  • Reduce the possibility of a similar event happening again

What role does NHS Greater Manchester have?

As a commissioner (purchaser of services), NHS Greater Manchester has a key role in supporting patient safety and ensuring services are of a high quality. We are involved throughout the independent investigation process and have a key role in the development of improvement plans, the oversight of these as they progress and sharing the learning across the system.

Published independent investigation reports

Reports which relate to care and treatment provided by organisations that occur within Greater Manchester can be found on NHS England’s website.

An independent investigation into the care and treatment of Ms A

Ms A was convicted of manslaughter in December 2020. At the time of the homicide Ms A was receiving care and treatment provided by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

This is the Assurance Review, published February 2024, for the actions taken by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust following the publication of the Independent Investigation in May 2022.

You can access and download all documents on Ms A, including the independent investigation and the assurance review, from the NHS England website.

Independent Review – Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

This is the independent review into Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, commissioned by NHS England North West following concerns raised about services provided at the Trust’s Edenfield Centre and led by Professor Oliver Shanley. This link directs to the NHS England website where you can read the full report: NHS England — North West » Independent investigation reports.

An independent investigation into the care and treatment of Mr E

Following an incident in February 2020 Mr E pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and is now an inpatient at a high secure hospital. At the time of the incident, Mr E was under the care of Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

This is the full report of the independent investigation report into the care and treatment of service user Mr E.

You can access and download all documents on Mr E from the NHS England website.

Trafford Local Area Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Inspection

A joint Ofsted/CQC area SEND inspection took place in June 2023 and the report was published on 22 December 2023 on the Ofsted website.

The report confirmed the anticipated outcome: “The local area partnership’s arrangements lead to inconsistent experiences and outcomes for children and young people with SEND. The local area partnership must work jointly to make improvements.”

Read the report here.

In the new year, as a Local Area Partnership, and as part of the ongoing inspection process, leaders from the system are meeting with the Department for Education and NHS England to share our updated Strategic Improvement Plan and outline how we will be addressing the areas identified for improvement. We will update our plan and publish the actions we will be taking to address the areas of improvement.

Oldham Local Area Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Inspection

A joint Ofsted/CQC area SEND inspection of the Oldham partnership took place in June 2023.  Following the inspection, the Managing Director of Children and Young People for Oldham Council (Gerard Jones) and the Chief Executive of Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board (Mark Fisher) received the inspection report, which highlighted priority areas that required addressing urgently.

Read the report here.

To respond to this, the local area partnership, including the council, the integrated care partnership, parents/carers, and wider partners, came together to coproduce a Priority Action Plan, which details the actions that the local area will take to address the two priority actions identified by the inspection.

The Priority Action Plan forms part of the overall SEND & Inclusion Improvement Programme that underpins the SEND & Inclusion Strategy 2023 – 2027.

Read the Oldham SEND inspection priority action plan (External link).


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