New video from NWAS aims to help service users get the most from the patient transport service

North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has launched a new campaign for users of its patient transport service (PTS). Providing tips and information, the campaign will help people get the most out of the offer, and ensure that NWAS can reach patients as quickly as possible.

The PTS is a non-emergency service for eligible people who may need special support getting to and from their healthcare appointments.

Last year, NWAS made over 117,000 non-emergency patient journeys per month via the PTS.

With the current pressures faced by the NHS, it’s essential that the PTS runs smoothly, so it can support as many patients as possible to attend their medical appointments.

Knowing what to expect from a journey to hospital can make the experience less daunting. Along with a video that talks patients through using the service, NWAS has created an A-Z of information to help patients and their families.

Want to know if you or a family member are eligible for PTS? Check the eligibility criteria.

For further information on all the patient transport services available in Greater Manchester, please visit our transport services page. On this page you will find;

  • Information to help you plan a journey by public transport
  • Information on help with travel costs
  • Transport services provided across Greater Manchester
  • Community Transport services provided in different parts of Greater Manchester

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