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Who’s who at your GP practicewo arrow signs pointing in different directions contacting the words who's who? Written under them is the text at your GP practice.

Our campaign aims to improve the understanding of the different professionals working in a general practice, including the skills, experience and benefits that different roles bring to patient care.

We want to help you understand what different members of the general practice team do and why you may be seen by someone other than a GP.


Services in general practice and the community are being transformed to make it easier for patients to access a wider range of help from general practice, closer to home by phone or online. When you contact your practice for an appointment, you’ll often expect to speak directly with a GP in the first instance, even if that may not be the most appropriate person to help you.

In addition to the excellent non-clinical support staff, which includes practice managers, the reception team, the general practice team has expanded to include a wide range of healthcare professionals who work alongside GPs and nurses to ensure patients receive the care they need as quickly as possible. This includes clinical pharmacists, physiotherapists, physician associates, social prescribing link workers and many more.

Over the last few years general practice has gone through many changes, with more than 19,000 staff being recruited nationally and 1,600 in Greater Manchester alone. These new roles are part of the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) and have already made a real impact in general practice and in the community delivering care to patients.

Every GP practice in Greater Manchester is different, each offering different healthcare professionals who can support delivery of your care, so you access the most appropriate care and services from the right healthcare professional.

We are a GP team

We provide a range of different roles in the wider GP practice team. We help prevent illness and offer treatment to patients with minor ailments, chronic and long-term conditions, aiming to keep them well and in their own homes.

Do you know your GP practice team? Find out more about the different roles below.

A row of five smiling people standing in the waiting room of a GP surgery. The represent the different health professional who work in GP surgeries.

Salford GP Dr Selvaraasan sitting in a chair and smiling directly at the camera.

I’m a General Practitioner (GP)

I treat all common medical conditions and refer patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment.

Dr Selvaraasan, Salford

I’m an acute visiting service paramedic

I specialise in emergency medicine, working with GP practices to carry out home visits. I make sure patients are getting the care they need as quickly as possible, helping to avoid a hospital admission.

Ally, Bury

Head and shoulders shot of a healthcare professional wearing a green paramedic's tunic using a light to examine the inside of a patient's mouth.

Gill, an advanced clinical practitioner, wearing a blue overall and a stethoscope around her neck. She is examining patient's mouth.

I’m an advanced clinical practitioner

I’m a qualified healthcare professional with lots of experience and extra responsibilities. I can examine patients, diagnose health concerns, prescribe medicines, plan a patient’s care and help to manage long-term conditions.

Gill, Bury

I’m an advanced nurse practitioner

I’m a trained nurse who can assess and diagnose some conditions with patients who have a range of symptoms, diagnosing conditions such as earache, a rash or a cough.

If needed, I may prescribe medication or refer patients for further investigations.

Alice, Manchester

An advanced nurse practitioner wearing a blue uniform and examining a patient's ear with an otoscope

Care coordinator Cheryl sitting at a desk in a consulting room and talking to patient who is sitting opposite.

I’m a care coordinator

I’m a trained healthcare professional and help to make sure things run as smoothly as possible for patients with long-term health conditions, particularly those who receive care from many different health services.

Cheryl, Stockport

I’m a care navigator

This role works closely with GPs and other health professionals to help navigate patients to the right care and support first time. It also provides privacy and helps avoid long phone queues..

Amy, Wigan

Head a shoulders shot of a smiling person wearing an NHS lanyard sitting behind a computer monitor.

Clinical pharmacist Karen wearing a blue tunic and a stethoscope chatting to a patient in a consulting roon. They are sitting at a desk and Karen is holding a leaflet while her other hand rests on a box of medication.

I’m a clinical pharmacist

I provide expert advice on medicines, especially for those with long-term health conditions. This includes supporting patients who have been prescribed a new medication or need a medicine review.

Karen, Manchester

I’m a dietitian

As a dietician I can help patients assess, diagnose and treat problems related to diet and nutrition. I can also help patients to make healthy food choices, manage medical conditions and prevent diseases.

Chloe, Manchester

A person sitting at a desk in a GP surgery and chatting to a patient.

Wigan physiotherapist Fiona holding up the right leg of a patient who is lying on their back on a treatment table.

I’m a first contact physiotherapist

I provide expert advice and treatment for patients affected injury, illness or disability. I may share exercises to reduce pain and discomfort, and improve movement or refer a patient to specialist service.

Fiona, Wigan

I’m a focused care practitioner

I support patients and their households, when needed, with health and social issues that are impacting on their health and wellbeing. I can help in areas such as finances and benefits, family issues, mental health and housing.

Shahbana, Oldham


Focussed care practitioner Shahbana sitting at a table and smiling as she talks to a patient who is sitting opposite.

A health professional wearing a dark blue tunic with white piping sitting and chatting to a patient.

I’m a GP assistant

This is a dual role in which I handle appointments, tests, immunisations and help to free up the GP’s time. I also assist with urgent tasks and administrative work, improving the patient experience.

Siobhan, Wigan

I’m a GP receptionist

In the majority of cases I am the first point of contact for patients, assisting over the phone or in the practice. My goal is to guide patients to the right services and appointments, ensuring their privacy and convenience at all times.

Vickie, Manchester

A head a shoulders shot of a smiling GP receptionist sitting an chatting to a patient who is standing in front of them.

Health and wellbeing coach Adele kneeling and smiling while looking up at a patient who is standing on scales.

I’m a health and wellbeing coach

I support patients to make lasting changes that can improve their physical or and mental wellbeing. This could be moving more, eating better or quitting smoking – whatever will make a difference for them.

Adele, Rochdale

I’m a mental health practitioner

I am able to offer longer appointments to better understand your needs and help you find the right support. You can ask your GP for a referral to see me.

Rebecca, Salford

Head and shoulder shot of a person sitting on a padded office chair with a computer screen in the background.

A health professional wearing a light blue tunic. They are sitting at a desk and chatting to a patient while placing a pulse oximeter on their finger.

I’m a nursing associate

My role is to connect healthcare workers and nurses, offering all round patient care, handling ongoing health conditions and assisting with complex cases.

Matt, Bury

I’m an occupational therapist

I am able to assess how patients manage daily tasks, offer equipment that may be needed, and connect them to various support groups. We provide specialised insights and home assessments for better care tailored to their needs.

Lauren, Stockport

A head and shoulders shot of a person sitting at a desk and chatting to a patient.

A person wearing a black top and skirt standing in an office and chatting to a person who is sitting down and wearing a blue tunic.

I’m a practice manager

The job of a Practice Manager is to make sure everything runs smoothly in the practice, ensuring that everyone gets the same excellent care and support.

Nicola, Bury

I’m a practice nurse

I can advise on many different health concerns and minor illnesses. I help patients to stay healthy with immunisations, screening, smoking cessation support and the management of long-term health conditions.

Sylvia, Bolton

Practice nurse Sylvia sitting at a desk in a consultation room. She is talking to a patient as they use an inhaler.

Physician associate Ahmad wearing a shirt and a stethoscope, and examining the arm of patient who is lying on a consulting couch.

I’m a physician associate

I work alongside GPs to assess patients, diagnose health concerns, support those with long-term conditions and provide advice on how to stay healthy and well.

Ahmad, Trafford

I’m a social prescribing link worker

I talk to patients about what matters to them, and what support they need to feel happier and healthier. I know what is available in the community, so connect people to local groups, activities and services that make a lasting difference.

Georgia, Tameside

Social prescriber link worker Georgina sitting and chatting to a patient while showing them information in a folder.

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