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As the summer holidays are well underway, NHS Greater Manchester is sharing key advice on looking after yours and your family’s health.

Come rain or shine, staycations or trips abroad, and a pesky pollen count. The NHS locally is sharing its top tips and services to help manage illness.

To help support people living in Greater Manchester, NHS Greater Manchester has launched its summer health campaign. Called Get To Know Where To Go, first launched in December 2022. It does what it says by helping people know how to look after their health and choose the right service if needed.

Dr Manisha Kumar, Chief Medical Officer for NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, said: “Summer is busy especially when the weather is warm. Enjoying time outside, travelling to parks and local beauty spots, doing DIY, gardening, barbeques etc. Help us help you by staying summer safe and following our top tips.

“We’ll be sharing advice on how best to stay safe in the sun, keep healthy and hydrated. Making sure you know the appropriate urgent care services if needed, including emergency hotlines – dental, eyecare or mental wellbeing.”

Top tips for looking after your health and making the most of the summer holidays:

  • Coughs, colds and tummy bugs don’t go away for the summer. Remember to keep up good habits with frequent hand washing.
  • If possible, avoid mixing with people who are ill. If you do come down with a viral infection, stay well rested and drink lots of water.
  • The pollen count remains high and may cause uncomfortable hayfever symptoms. Wearing wraparound sunglasses, changing your clothes when you have been outside. Getting some tablets known as antihistamine from your local pharmacy can help. If you suffer from asthma, always have your inhaler on you.
  • Although it might not always feel sunny in Greater Manchester, it’s important to remember that sunburn can still occur even when it is cloudy. Make sure to wear at least factor 30 sunscreen, cover up with suitable clothing, stay hydrated and take extra care in the sun with children.
  • With the August bank holiday around the corner, make sure you get your repeat prescription to the pharmacy in good time. Ensure your medicine cabinet is stocked up.
  • Make sure your child is up to date with their vaccinations prior to starting the new school year.
  • Use NHS 111 as your first port of call for non-emergency health needs. They can give you advice on the most appropriate service for you.

The GTKWTG campaign is also highlighting the potential impact on mental health and alcohol related concerns. Summer can be a difficult time for people and whilst some enjoy time with friends and family at social gatherings or on holiday, others may experience feelings of loneliness, worry or anxiety. It’s important to look after yourself and others. Remember that support is available to those how who may need it.

People may also be feeling worried or anxious as they wait for exam results. If this is you or someone you know, help is available. Whether it’s to help stay mentally healthy when things are feeling challenging, to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, or to find out how best to support your child, lots of help and advice can be found from services such as Kooth, Silvercloud or Qwell.

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