A close up of a hand holding a pill, with the words 'I make informed choices for maximum HIV protection'

Call to action to raise awareness of revolutionary pill which is crucial in the fight against new transmissions of HIV

The PaSH Partnership is encouraging people to help raise awareness of a revolutionary pill which is crucial in the fight against new transmissions of HIV.

PrEP, which is available for free at sexual health clinics, stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It’s a medicine people at risk of HIV can take to prevent them from getting HIV. When taken as prescribed, PrEP is highly effective and can help people stay in control of their sex life and to keep healthy.

PrEP works by stopping HIV from getting into your body and making copies of itself (replicating), which protects you against getting the virus.

People can be protected from HIV infection if there are high enough levels of PrEP in their body, so it is important people take it correctly. PrEP can be used by anyone from a community or group that is most at risk of HIV, or people who have sex with people from those networks.

During PrEP Awareness Week, the PaSH Partnership (BHA for Equality, LGBT Foundation, and George House Trust) is encouraging people to spread awareness about PrEP when talking with friends, family, and colleagues and inspire those who need PrEP most, to take action.

You can follow social media posts for PrEP awareness week by using the hashtags #PrEPAwarenessWeek #PrEPEquity #YourSexualHealthMatters

Further information

For more information about PrEP, visit the NHS website.

Information and advice on how to access PrEP for Black, Asian and other ethnic minoritised communities is available by emailing: pash@thebha.org.uk. LGBTQ+ communities can find out more from LGBT Foundation by emailing: info@lgbt.foundation.


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