Trafford Women's Voices event

Former NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group Joint Accountable Officer, Sara Radcliffe presents at the Trafford Women’s Voices event

Trafford Integrated Care Partnership is showcasing its work to enable women’s voices to be heard in the week of International Women's Day (Wednesday 8 March).

Today, in response to the publication of the national women’s health strategy in 2022, it publishes its own report from an event where Trafford women told their stories about health and using healthcare.

It brought together women from Trafford who wanted to talk about the national health strategy and their experiences of women’s healthcare with the people who are in positions of power to make change happen.

The Trafford Women’s Voices working group, led by former NHS Trafford CCG Joint Accountable Officer Sara Radcliffe, hosted an event on 6 December at Sale Life Centre.

Trafford women took to the stage and shared their healthcare experiences with the audience and explained how the current system has impacted on their lives. This prompted an open discussion amongst everyone in the room about what needs to change for women’s health and why.

Councillor Jane Slater, Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Equalities at Trafford Council, said: “Women are a priority, we are half the population and we should be heard. We’ve all got a story and we need that space to be able to share our experiences, like we have at this event – we can help other women who are going through the same.”

Jilla Burgess-Allen, from Trafford Council’s public health team, added: “We have started to build a platform for women in Trafford to raise their voices, believing one voice raises another and collectively we are stronger than individually.

“There are many women, groups and initiatives in Trafford that are working hard to get the best health, care and services for women.”

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