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How we govern ourselves

We have governance and management processes and protocols in place to make sure that we make fair, transparent and legal decisions.  This includes the NHS Greater Manchester Constitution and Governance Handbook.

Read our key governance documents below that explain in detail how we are governed and what processes we need to follow.  More documents will be added here as we develop as an organisation.

NHS Greater Manchester Constitution

The NHS Greater Manchester Constitution explains about the NHS Greater Manchester Board, how it makes decisions and manages conflict of interest, accountability and transparency.

NHS Greater Manchester Governance Handbook

The NHS Greater Manchester Governance Handbook provides supports the Constitution.  It has more details and is updated regularly to keep it fit for purpose.

This version is subject to change.

If you have any difficulties accessing this very long pdf document or any of the information in it, or you would like it in a different format, please contact us.

Conflicts of Interest

NHS Greater Manchester and the people who work with and for us, work closely with other organisations in commissioning and delivering high quality services for Greater Manchester residents.

These partnerships have many benefits and should help make sure that public money is spent efficiently and wisely. But there is a risk that conflicts of interest may arise.

Not all conflicts of interest are financial, and having a conflict does not mean that an individual will not act appropriately; however, there is a responsibility to prevent the occurrence of conflicts of interest and to minimise their impact when they do occur.

The Conflict of Interest of Policy explains how we will manage any conflicts that may arise.

The Conflict of Interest Register shows whether our Board members and attendees have any conflicts.  It is shown in an excel spreadsheet.  If you can’t access this and need it in another format, please contact us.

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